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Smokingdis is the fastest-growing vape and cannabis shop chain in Central Europe. We offer a large selection of nicotine and cannabis products while obeying the regulations and restrictions of the countries where we operate.

As of 2024, Germany is the first country in the European Union to legalize marijuana and THC products, and in our estimation, other countries are going to follow Gremany. That’s why this is an excellent opportunity to invest in the type of business that we are offering. Because of our rapid growth, Smokingdis is becoming a dominant figure in the European Vaping, CBD, and Cannabis sectors, and the possibilities of modern legal alternatives that have similar effects to THC have made our shops Successful.

WHY invest with us? It’s simple: In just two years, we became the No. 1 shop chain in Slovakia and the Czech Republic with the most cost-effective system you can find in a market and our own production line. All you have to do is have the capital and lease the business space. Because we have our own production line, we are not dependent on the suppliers, and we can work with a 150 – 300% profit margin on our best-selling products.

Countries where we don’t have market share yet.

Romania, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, France

Why SmokingDis franchise?

Central Office Support

Our franchisees have access to comprehensive support from the central office, including marketing campaigns, business consultancy, and operational support.

Interesting investment opportunity

Opening a Smoking Dis franchise can be lucrative with high return potential in a thriving industry.

Proven concept:

Smoking Dis has long been a leader in the smoking industry. We are known for our wide range of tobacco products, smoking aids and quality customer service.

Criteria for franchise


Potential franchisees should have sufficient funds to cover start-up and operating costs during the first months of operation.


An essential part of the success of a franchise operation is a suitable location with a sufficient flow of customers.

Interest and engagement

We are looking for individuals or teams with a passion for business and the ability to provide excellent customer service.

Interested? Contact us today!
If you are interested in becoming a Smoking Dis franchisee and you meet the above criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us! We offer detailed information about the franchise opening process and will happily provide all the necessary support for your success. 

Together, we are on the path to business success in the field of smoking products!

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